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Smart Kids Have Brains

Vigorous exercise helps with ADHD
Smart Kids have Brains. All Kids have Brains. That's obvious.

What's not so obvious is that all kids can be smarter.

All kids can reach their full potential.

I call that "Smart Potential."

Sure, it means some life-style changes: smart toys, challenging games, and new activities.

Means less TV, more protein and complex carbs, and lots more movement.

Bottom line with Smart Learning your kids can

  • Have fewer ADHD symptoms.
  • Stay focused longer.
  • Get better grades with less struggle.
  • Be calmer and more grounded.
  • Sometimes even raise their IQs
  • Excel at their passion

"Lots more movement" is right up there at the top of the list for helping kids reach their "Smart Potential." Dr. Paul Dennison, founder of Brain Gym, has shown repeatedly that movement is the key to learning. More recently, Dr. John Ratey, a psychiatrist at the Harvard Medical School argues 

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