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Why Smart Kids Don't Learn

It's true. Some Smart Kids refuse to learn.

Even the very smartest kids, the kids with the highest IQ's. Their parents are frustrated. Their teachers perplexed.

But bottom line: Nobody learns anything if they aren't interested. And let's face it, for some kids, school is boring.

Your children only get interested in a subject (or in school in general) when they have an emotional connection to whatever you or your children's teachers think they must learn. Has nothing to do with how smart your kid is.

Sometimes just pleasing a teacher or a parent is enough. Sometimes the long-term goal of getting into a good college works. Lots of times it takes more.

What if They Hate Math?

I'm really bad at math. I don't get it. Never have. Now here's the emotional connection:

Smart Kids Need Help from Smart Parents

I don't know where you and your Smart Kids live, but here in Denver the schools have had their budgets cut.

I'm guessing your Smart Kids' school had its budget cut too. Maybe your Smart Kid's teacher was let go. It's happening all over the country.

In most cases, fewer teachers means more kids in a classroom. More kids means less attention for your child from the teacher. And less likely this teacher will have an aide. What does it mean for your Smart Kid? Will she fall behind? Will it affect his test scores?

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