63 Common Conditions that Look Like ADHDADHD is all too  often misdiagnosed--at least 63 different conditions can look like ADHD.

Just because your kids are hyperactive (or spacey), can't focus, and act impulsively doesn't mean they have ADHD.

And what are the consequences of this misdiagnosis?  Sometimes a serious medical condition is overlooked. Other times children are given prescriptions for powerful stimulant medication for ADHD which can have side effects--especially if they don't have ADHD to begin with.

In other words your kids could be taking drugs for something they don't have.

Get the "Is It Really ADHD? 63 Common conditions that Can Cause ADHD-like Behavior" today."  Protect your kids and kids you care about from the wrong diagnosis. The Check List and Inventory includes

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Take the Checklist with you to your child's pediatrician. Give it to your kids' teachers. Use the checklist yourself.  You can rule out some conditions yourself, work on those that are appropriate.  Now when you take your child to the doctor, you'll be more informed and have a better idea of what questions to ask, what tests to request. NO COPYRIGHT RESTRICTIONS!

And you'll get my report "How to Talk to Your child's Pediatrician about ADHD" Find out what to say, what questions to ask, and which tests to request.

Plus you'll also receive a bonus. You'll be getting the "Parent Evaluation" Rating Scale to use with your 63-Conditions Checklist.

Parents, teachers, pediatricians, counselors, and anyone who works with and cares about kids
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