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ADHD InventoryAre You Sure It's ADHD?

At least 62 different conditions can look like ADHD! So how do you know if your child has ADHD?

This hour long audio replay from the "ADHD: Disorder or Just Different" six-session Teleclass explains what looks like ADHD but is something else. You'll get a handy inventory of 62 different factors that can mimic ADHD. All too often kids are given stimulant medications such as Ritalin when they don't have ADHD. The handouts and audio will help you know whether your child has ADHD or something else before your child is put on meds.

Listen to "If It Isn't ADHD, What is It" and then scroll down to find out how to get all six sessions of the "ADHD: Disorder or Just Different" TeleClass.

Download the handouts for "If It Isn't ADHD, What is It?"

Listen to "If It Isn't ADHD, What is It?"

Live session from six-session ADHD TeleClass
(65 min)

ADHD Session Three Audio

What else would you like to discover about ADHD to help your kids--at home, in school, in your private practice? Maybe you'd like to discover

  • What kinds of activities hyperactive and non-hyperactive kids can do to help them focus, to tame impulsivity, to improve focus and concentrate
  • How ADHD is diagnosed
  • How brain scans can help
  • What help is available
  • What strategies parents and teachers can use
  • How to look at ADHD as a gift
  • Who are some famous, successful people with ADHD

All these questions and more are answered in the ADHD TeleClass--it's a six-session series and eligible for graduate CEUs from the University of Colorado. You get extensive handouts and the audio replay if you can't make the date.

You'll get twenty-two behavioral and environmental strategies, 34 programs, games, and activities, and dozens of movement-based activities for ADHD.

That's six hours of activities, exercises, tips, and strategies to help your kids succeed at school and beyond. Plus six sets of handouts jam-packed with how-to's, check lists, action plans, and resource lists.

Still time to sign-up for ADHD: Success Strategies for Your Kids TeleClass (replaces "ADHD: Disorder or Just Different." If you miss some sessions, you'll get the audio replay to listen to at your convenience--anywhere in the world!

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