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A lot of Smart Kids Have ADHD . . . or Do They?

Whether your kids have ADHD or they don't have it, you're probably still suffering through their hyperactive or inattentive behavior. Not to mention impulsiveness. Behavior that drives them, you, and their teachers nuts!

"Why can't they sit still?" "He just did what?" "She's a Smart Kid so how'd she get a D in math?" "If only she didn't daydream all the time, she'd do better in school."

Did you know that at least 63 different behaviors, "symptoms, and school problems look like ADHD? Find out what they are. Download a free checklist of some of these conditions for your kids now. Maybe they don't have ADHD after all!

ADHD is certainly real (I speak from first-hand experience. I've had it since childhood.) but many kids are diagnosed and given drugs and treatment for a disorder they don't have! Your child deserves a more careful assessment. You can take the checklist with you to your pediatrician. Or start checking off the things you know aren't bothering your child.

Checklists are a great start, but they don't give you much information and certainly don't tell you what to do.

That's where the "ADHD: Real Strategies for Parents and Teachers" Audio Seminar comes to your rescue. And right now you can pre-order the Audio Seminar for only $97. Although you won't get your CDs until next month, you'll save $82. When the production company get the CDs finished, the price jumps to $179. (The first batch of the ADHD CDs, out in mid-spring, sold out!)

MaryJo, this is just what I need to help my kids.
I'm ordering the CDs right now.

The "ADHD: Real Strategies for Parents and Teachers" 7 CD audio seminar explains how ADHD is clinically diagnosed by psychiatrists and psychologists. You'll discover what looks like ADHD but isn't--with a lot more detail than the checklist.

You'll discover the latest in brain research from neuroscientists as it relates to ADHD. What we know from brain scans and why this is important.

Best of all you'll find out what to do about this annoying behavior that keeps Smart Kids from living up to their potential--whether they have ADHD or not.

You'll get fun, easy strategies, movement activities, games, evaluations of popular brain training programs and some Brain Gym for hyperactivity and inattentiveness (some kids aren't hyperactive, just zoned-out) in this 7 CD audio seminar.

Can't wait to help my ADHD Smart Kid. I'm getting the CDs now

The "ADHD: Real Strategies for Parents and Teachers" 7 CD audio seminar includes

  • 63 conditions that look like ADHD
  • 22 movement-based activities plus 6 Brain Gym exercises (with website urls for more information)
  • 44 success strategies to tame ADHD at home
  • 35 success strategies to tame ADHD at school
  • 21 evaluations of popular brain training programs (with website urls for more information)

Everything from "Bal-a-Vis-x" to "Billy Boards." From "Zaltsman Exercises" to "Poi Balls." Plus lots of things you already know about but just didn't realize how much they help with ADHD if used consistently--like running, keeping a routine, swinging on playground swings, making a list.

Of course, the "ADHD: Strategies for Parents and Teachers" 7-CD Audio Seminar comes with a Resource Manual/Workbook.

You'll be able to pick and choose activities that suit your child's interests (and your pocketbook). It's not a one-solution-fits-all.

Best of all, many of the programs, games, equipment, and strategies in this Audio Seminar help children who are hyperactive and have trouble focusing but don't have ADHD. You don't have to worry if the diagnosis is correct or not--as you would if considering ADHD drug treatment.

The "ADHD: Strategies for Parents and Teachers" audio seminar is one of the most comprehensive ADHD seminars available.Get the two-page list of topics to see just how much is covered in this Audio Seminar.

O.K. I'm convinced this ADHD Audio Seminar with all
these great tips will help my kids. I'm ordering today.

P.S. Tell your kids' teachers about the "ADHD: Strategies for Parents and Teachers" 7-CD Audio Seminar. They'll thank you for this information since most of what's in the Seminar works in the classroom for one unruly kid or 30 unruly kids.

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