Attn: Moms, Dads, Teachers and anybody else who wants to help kids calm down, focus, and succeed in school.

Are you Discouraged about Your Child's Impulsive ADHD Behavior? Worried that ADHD will Keep Your Child from Getting Good Grades? Exhausted from the daily Struggle with ADHD?

Now you can discover how to transform your child's ADHD from a disorder to a gift

Dear Parents, Teachers, and anybody who works with kids,

Seems like this is the time of year when everybody starts talking about ADHD. "What's going on at school? Why can't she pay attention? Why can't he just sit still for once? This behavior is getting in the way of good grades. What am I supposed to do for this child at home? For my class at school?"

Do you have questions about ADHD? Wish you knew what to do about it? Confused by all the conflicting information out there? Not sure if medication is the answer? Not even sure if your kid has ADHD?

Does just fidgeting and not paying attention in class mean he has ADHD? If you're a teacher, should you suggest this to his parents? If you're a parent, what do you do if a teacher suggests your daughter might have ADHD?

You're not alone. 3,350,000 people searched on Google last month for ADHD. You read that right: over 3 million people had questions about ADHD in just one month! And more than 4.5 million kids have been diagnosed with ADHD. Whew, these are staggering numbers.

And the answers are out there: Search Amazon for ADHD books, you'll get 3,345 results? And Google counts 13 million web pages devoted to ADHD.

Now I'm not suggesting that I have all the answers. But I do have enough answers for you that I can help you sift through the conflicting information.

You'll discover strategies and resources to help you and your kids manage ADHD. Discover ways to transform ADHD from a disorder to a gift.

Dr. MaryJo WagnerHi.

I'm Dr. MaryJo Wagner and I've struggled with ADHD myself. As a child years ago and as an adult, I know all too well how frustrating it can be. I had dreams that were never fulfilled because ADHD got in the way.

I've had ADHD all my life--some days it's been a wonderful gift that I wouldn't trade for anything and other days, what a struggle it was! But now ADHD is usually a trait that I've transformed and enjoy. A gift, not a disorder!

And I know that sometimes what looks like ADHD is actually something else.

But it doesn't matter whether it's ADHD or something else. That inattentive and often hyperactive and impulsive behavior can drive you over the edge. Learning disabilities can be just as frustrating.

And it's frustrating for kids too. They want to do a good job and ADHD or a learning challenge often keeps them from doing their best.

In my search for the answers, for things that would help me and also help children, I've discovered dozens of effective activities and programs. I've done the research for you.

I've read the books. Looked at the resources on the Web. Talked to ADHD counselors and even consulted a highly-respected research psychiatrist who is on the cutting edge of brain scan technology for ADHD.

It's not a one-solution answer. Some brain-training computer programs like Play-Attention are fabulous for some kids. For other kids, maybe it's Interactive Metronome or Tomatis. Maybe just changing the routine at home or putting more movement in the classroom.

I'll give you many different options to choose from because you and your kids deserve what works for you, not some cookie-cutter solution.

You'll find it all in the six-session Audio Class, "ADHD: Success Strategies for Your Kids."

You'll discover what scientists know about ADHD from brain scans, why most doctors just guess about ADHD, 63 conditions that look like ADHD but aren't, what it feels like to have ADHD, which famous people had ADHD and most importantly . . . .

What To Do About ADHD--even if you're not sure it's really ADHD--including:

That's a whopping 122 different activities, strategies and brain-training programs you can choose from to help tame ADHD and ADHD-like behavior.

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What they've said about these classes:

Occupational therapist boosts treatment:

I am so happy with all the great info I have gotten from you and it has really revved up my treatment in the schools!! Trinell Bull, OTR/L, Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit, Susquehanna, PA

So effective that she's telling the administration about the class:

MaryJo, I've so enjoyed learning all this new information about ADHD. I'll be sharing this with the students I work with and the administrator of the school.  Thank you. Opal Wong, Brain Gym consultant, East Lansing, MI

From 24 disruptive behaviors in 40 minutes to just 6 in a morning with the program:

"One of my kindergartners had significant attention difficulties and comes from a family history of bipolar disease and ADHD. Before we started your program, he had as many as 24 disruptive behaviors in one 40-minute period.

After two days he was down to 12 disruptive behaviors. After 5 weeks, he had fewer than six disruptive behaviors the entire morning." Kelly Johnston, kindergarten teacher, Manitou Springs, CO

But it's not just merely managing ADHD. My Goal is to help you discover the gifts of ADHD!

Yes, this can be done. And I'll show you how. You'll learn how to turn your kid's ADHD challenge into an asset in this 6-session Audio Class "ADHD: Success Strategies for Your Kids."

It's already recorded. You start the class at your convenience. And choose to listen at your computer or download to an mp3. You can listen anywhere in the world at any time that's convenient for you.

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You'll also get the six-chapter "ADHD: Success Strategies for Your Kids Resource Manual and Action Plan"--one chapter with Action Plan pages for each class session.

You'll get the names of programs and activities with clickable web links for getting more information.  All downloadable immediately in easy-to-use pdf format

But wait . . . that's not all. In addition to the six audio class sessions, jam-packed with valuable information you'll be using with your kids right away, you'll also receive four valuable free bonuses:

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What's in the Six Sessions?

Session One: The ADHD Epidemic: What is it?

Session Two: How Does It Feel to Have ADHD? And What Help is Available

Session Three: If It isn't ADHD, What is It?

Session Four: Shake It Up, Baby: Managing ADHD with Movement

Session Five: Success Strategies for ADHD at Home and at School

Session Six: Train the Brain (includes reviews of commercial neurofeedback, computer, and auditory programs)

Let's put it all together to see what you're getting:

With the six-session "ADHD: Success Strategies for Your Kids" plus the downloadable Resource Manual with Action Guides, you'll discover 122 activities, programs and strategies to help your child manage ADHD.

Just imagine how much easier your life will be when you discover that ADHD behavior really can be transformed and it's not that hard! Kids discover how to pay attention, what to do to curb hyperactivity, how to move forward if they're just being spacey, how to squelch impulsivity.

You'll be able to start your "ADHD: Success Strategies for Your Kids" immediately after you sign up or listen at your convenience at any time from anywhere in the world. If you don't want to stay at your computer, you can download the class to an mp3 player.

And you'll also find out how to take advantage of ADHD, how to turn it into a gift. I'll show you all of these activities. I'll explain exactly how to transform ADHD from a disability to a wonderful trait.

You'll be able to pick and choose from 23 movement-based activities, 44 success strategies for your child a home, 35 success strategies teachers can use at school, and 21 reviews of popular brain-training programs.

Find out what it feels like to have ADHD, 63 conditions that can look like ADHD but aren't, and what famous and successful people have had ADHD. It's all in the six-session Audio Class, "ADHD: Success Strategies for Your Kids.

Plus you'll get the four free bonuses worth $446 including

Red Arrow "The Five Smart Brain Games™ Shift for Taming ADHD"

Personal ADHD Strategy Session

Six "Taming ADHD" podcasts

"What to Say to Your Child's Pediatrician about ADHD"

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