Attention Parents: School Starts Soon. Are Your Kids Ready?

Schedules, Getting up early, Homework, Paying Attention, Sitting Still, Book Reports, Tests, Science Projects. How is Your Child Going to Manage School This Year?

It's time to get a head start on the personal skills your kid must have for school success. Time to discover How to manage ADHD and ADHD-like Behavior.

Dear Parents,

When I was a kid, I loved school. By mid-June, I was ready for summer to end and school to start.

Then the first day arrived and here's what I heard: "MaryJo, stop talking and pay attention." "MaryJo, you need to sit still." "MaryJo, did you write down your homework assignment?" The answer to this last question was a resounding "no" because I hadn't even heard the teacher give the homework assignment.

I'd get home and because I because I'd gotten confused about what the homework was, I dragged all my textbooks and all my spiral binders and everything else in my locker home. I couldn't figure out where to start. Here was all this stuff just dumped on my bed.

Just couldn't do homework

I called a friend: "What's the assignment for English class?" But wait, maybe I'd better do math first. Math was my worst subject. I couldn't do the homework. Now I was discouraged. Time for dinner. I'll do my English homework after dinner. Oops, I forgot to practice the piano. I practice. I'm tired. I'll get up early and do my English.

And so it went all semester. My parents dutifully went to parent-teacher night.

When they got home, my Mom would say in that we're-disappointed-in-you-MaryJo voice, "Mrs. Abramson said you're a very bright girl but you're not working up to your potential and you talk too much in class. So what are we going to do about this problem?"

In short, I adored school. I read everything I could get my hands on. I usually did fairly well in anything connected to language arts and music. But the rest of it: Math. Science. French. Forget it. I couldn't stay on task long enough to get the homework done or study for tests.

I had ADHD!

And back then nobody had heard of ADHD or ADHD-like behavior. We were just labeled kids who didn't have the will power to pay attention.

If we talked too much or didn't sit still, we got in trouble at school. And then got in trouble at home. In fact, lots of us tried really hard but our brains just didn't work right. And all that endless sitting still, trying not to wiggle! It was too much.

Most kids today, even if they don't have ADHD, certainly have ADHD-like behavior. Just ask any teacher!

But most kids don't have to suffer with ADHD-like behavior and most of them can manage ADHD without drugs because, unlike when I was a kid . . .

Now we've got all kinds of resources for kids like me. And that's a very good thing.

You can find resources on the web, through your child's pediatrician, at various learning centers. You'll find strategies for parents, video games, movement activities, brain-training programs and on and on.

Whooa! Who's got time before school starts to do all that research and to sort through what's promising versus what's just hype and probably won't work?

Dr. MaryJo WagnerHi. I'm Dr. MaryJo Wagner

I've been researching and working with ADHD parents and kids for years. I've scoured the internet, read books, talked to teachers, interviewed research psychiatrists about ADHD and ADHD-like behavior.  I've tried lots of stuff myself. It's my passion. I know how I suffered and I know that it doesn't have to be that way.

I've discovered dozens of effective activities and programs. I've done the research for you.

And although I don't know of a single activity or tip that's an instant fix, I do know lots of games, activities and strategies that are easy and they work. Yes, it does take consistency. Once isn't enough.

But you've got some time before school starts to get going on this.

It's not a one-solution answer--some brain-training computer programs like Play-Attention are fabulous for some kids. For other kids, maybe it's Interactive Metronome or Tomatis. Maybe just changing the routine at home, turning off the TV and getting kids to move more will do the trick.

I'll give you many different options to choose from because you and your kids deserve what works for you, not some cookie-cutter solution.

And, for the first time ever, I'm redesigning my ADHD class specifically for YOU, Moms and Dads. And focusing on what you can do NOW before school starts. I know you want to make sure that your child starts school with their best foot forward.

You'll Discover What To Do About ADHD--even if you're not sure it's really ADHD--including:

That's a whopping 102 different activities, strategies, and brain-training programs you can choose from to help tame ADHD and ADHD-like behavior.

Plus you'll get answers to your questions about ADHD:

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What they've said about these classes:

Occupational therapist boosts treatment:

I am so happy with all the great info I have gotten from you and it has really revved up my treatment with individual children in the schools!! Trinell Bull, OTR/L, Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit, Susquehanna, PA

So effective that she's telling the administration about the class:

MaryJo, I've so enjoyed learning all this new information about ADHD. I'll be sharing this with the children I work with. Thank you. Opal Wong, Brain Gym consultant, East Lansing, MI

From 24 disruptive behaviors in 40 minutes to just 6 in a morning with the program:

"One of my kindergartners had significant attention difficulties and comes from a family history of bipolar disease and ADHD. Before we started your program, he had as many as 24 disruptive behaviors in one 40-minute period.

After two days he was down to 12 disruptive behaviors. After 5 weeks, he had fewer than six disruptive behaviors the entire morning." Kelly Johnston, kindergarten teacher, Manitou Springs, CO

My goal is not simply giving you a brain dump of everything we know about ADHD, but practical strategies and activities you can use NOW to help your child get a handle on that annoying ADHD behavior!

The TeleWebclass starts Wednesday, August 11 and continues Thursday August 12, Monday, August 16 and ends on Tuesday, August 17, 9 pm eastern. Two sessions this week. Two sessions next week. We're done and your child will be having fun while doing activities to get them ready for school . . . without ADHD behavior.

But wait . . . that's not all. In addition to the four TeleWebcasts, jam-packed with valuable information you'll be using with your kids right away, you'll also receive the following bonuses:

That's $572 worth of bonuses. Nearly twice the cost of the "Back to School without ADHD" four-session TeleWebcast.

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What's in the Four Sessions?

Session One : Shake It Up, Baby. Managing ADHD with Movement

Session Two: Success Strategies for ADHD at Your House

Session Three: Where Did I put it? Helping ADHD kids get organized for school

Session Four: Train the Brain (includes commercial neurofeedback, computer, and auditory programs)

Each session includes two videos for you to watch. That's 8 videos with tips you can use now. Includes topics like "ADHD and Vitamin D," ADHD and Food Coloring," "What to do when Your Child is not longer taking ADHD drugs," and "How to get the correct diagnosis."

Let's put it all together to see what you're getting:

With the four-session TeleWebclass plus the downloadable Resource Manual with Action Guides and the videos, you'll discover 102 activities, programs and strategies to help your child manage ADHD. Plus you'll also be getting the audio replay, the "ADHD Inventory and Check List," the coaching session with me, and "The Five Brain Games Shift."

Just imagine how much easier your life will be!

You'll be able to pick and choose from 23 movement-based activities, 44 success strategies for your child a home, 21 reviews of popular brain-training programs, and 15 getting organized strategies.

Follow just a few of these suggestions, and your child will have better focusing skills, less hyperactive behavior, and be better able to control impulsivity.

Register today. Since enrollment is limited, you'll want to reserve your place.

MaryJo, Count Me In!

Guarantee Seal

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