ADHD Diagnosis or Misdiagnosis

Kids diagnosed with ADHD don't necessarily have it. According to the latest figures from the Centers for Disease Control, 5.9 million children in the U.S. have been diagnosed with ADHD.

That's 1 in every 10 children who has has been diagnosed with ADHD.  Two-thirds of these children are taking prescription drugs for this condition.

But are these cases really an ADHD diagnosis or misdiagnosis?

I don’t know about you, but I think these numbers are staggering and worrisome. I also think they’re wildly exaggerated. Exaggerated because the diagnosis isn’t always accurate.

And if the diagnosis isn’t accurate, then a lot of children are taking

ADHD Parenting: 3 Communication Tips for ADHD

Parenting ADHD kids requires good communication skills.

ADHD Parenting Requires Good Communication Skills

And I admit, it's not always easy!

ADHD kids can drive you crazy, and it's easy to say something that only makes everything worse.

I admit to blurting things out that I regretted and even screaming at my son. I worked on saying something appropriate. I stopped screaming. And I apologized, reminding him that I did love him. We lived through it, and he's now one terrific parent himself.

So don't beat yourself up. Get some effective strategies and

ADHD Woman Thinks Experts are Wrong

help-for-adhdYou know what really gets my goat with all these ADHD experts?

Even the psychiatrists specializing in ADHD make me want to scream?

Most of them are WRONG! Most mean well . . . but wrong!

You'll find out why in my story.

Now I'd always just thought I was crazy.

After all, I didn't hear about ADHD until I was a college professor here in Denver.

But one day I was feeling so crazy, I realized I needed help! So off I went to see a counselor. Explained what was going on. She said,

Smart ADHD Girl Flunks Math and Goes to Grad School

ADHD SuccessIf you're a smart kid with ADHD, you may get do well in 3rd grade,  even 5th grade.

Then comes middle school . . . and oops, the trouble starts. It's harder and takes more concentration of which you have little.

But wait, high school is on the horizon. Now you're in big trouble.

It's my senior year. I dutifully go off for my scheduled appointment with Mr. Attleborough, the college counselor.

"MaryJo, I've been going over your grades and your SAT scores. You did extremely well on the verbal part of the SAT. In fact, your
score is one of the highest in your class."

I smile. Of course, I did well on verbal part of the SAT. Hardly a big deal.

"But your math score is the worst in your class. Very odd that you would

ADHD Girl Wins Battle with Peas

girl and broccoliTo this very day, I'm convinced no food exists that's more disgusting than canned peas.

My adult son still gags at the mere mention of broccoli.

Here's what happened at my house for a little girl with ADHD named MaryJo who didn't like peas:

"Finish up your peas and bring your plate into the kitchen so I can wash your plate."

"I am," I hollered at my Mother.

"Don't yell," she replied. "And stop playing with your food."

"I'm not playing with my food. I'm making a neat picture with my peas."

We argued about me eating my peas for what seemed like an eternity.

"Cease and desist from all this dilly-dallying and EAT your peas."("Cease and desist" was one of my Mom's many variations on the word "stop.")

"MaryJo, I want to remind you of all the

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