Smart Kids Get Fit to Succeed in School

Secret to Your Child's School Success

OK, if you've been following this blog, my articles, my audio classes and the Tuesday Teletips, you already know the secret.

It's physical exercise. It's movement. Kids can improve additude, grades, and test scores with movement--even manage ADHD.

So how about organizing a race in your neighborhood to raise money for your kid's school?  It's a fabulous end-of-summer activity and fun for everybody. Just be sure to have it early in the morning so it isn't too hot yet.

In San Diego, the Girl Scouts organize a 5K race (that's about 3 miles) every year and everybody gets free Girl Scout cookies. Last year's race raised $20,000. Open to kids and adults, 1,000 folks turned out to run and eat cookies.

Note: Cookies are great but oatmeal makes a better breakfast before the race. And new oatmeal products are coming out from Quaker Oats. The company is reducing sugar and salt--a very good thing indeed. They're introducing multigrain oatmeal (hmm, does that mean it isn't oatmeal anymore?) and an oatmeal product for kids where they can mix different flavors together.

Your race doesn't need to be as elaborate at the San Diego Girl Scouts--could be shorter and fewer people. Could be open only to kids. It's up to you--better yet, your kids. Let them

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