Helping ADHD Kids Focus Starts
with Getting the Right Diagnosis

Dr. MaryJo WagnerHi:

I'm Dr. MaryJo Wagner and I've struggled with ADHD myself. As a child years ago and as an adult, I know all too well how frustrating it can be. I had dreams that were never fulfilled because ADHD got in the way.

I've had ADHD all my life--some days it's been a wonderful gift that I wouldn't trade for anything and other days, what a struggle it was!

Focusing and staying on task was always the challenge and still is today sometimes. 

Despite my passion for learning and love of school, I got lousy grades in middle school and high school. I dreamed of going to one of the Ivy League women's colleges on the East Coast.

With my grades, are you kidding? As it was, I nearly flunked out of college my freshman year.

I wanted to be a fine pianist and despite hours of practicing which I actually enjoyed, I ended up, at best, a mediocre pianist. My piano recitals were embarrassingly dreadful. I could have died right there on the piano bench!

Yes, I did end up graduating from college, getting two master's degrees and one Ph.D. But what an ordeal it was.  Such a struggle that well-meaning teachers, counselors, and therapists told me to QUIT! I ignored them.

My high school counselor told me I wasn't college material--whatever that means. A counselor I saw while doing a graduate degree at Indiana University suggested I drop out of the program because of the stress from struggling to succeed.

The only thing that kept me going was my passion for learning and the price was worth it!

I became obsessed in figuring out how to manage my own ADHD.  Took specialized workshops, become certified in 3 different programs, interviewed ADHD psychiatrists, and read dozens of books. Then I wanted to share what I'd discovered with parents and teachers so they could help their kids with ADHD behavior. Now I've worked with teachers and parents and have become successful at helping folks help their kids transform ADHD.

However, I'm still a bit uncoordinated, have lousy handwriting, and remain completely mystified by math.  I still have days when I forget to do what I know how to do to combat lack of focus and go through my day jumping from this to that and back again. Not a big deal from where I was years ago.

So given my struggle with focusing, I was hardly surprised when parents and teachers told me in a recent survey that their biggest ADHD challenge is helping kids FOCUS!

This response from teachers and parents convinced me that I need to do a complimentary TeleSeminar right away on FOCUS! I want to help you help your kids with ADHD and ADHD-like behavior to FOCUS.

But I do have a warning!  Few parents and teachers told me they were concerned about ADHD diagnosis. BUT if your child doesn't have the correct diagnosis, some common solutions and strategies for focus simply wont' work. So even though you didn't ask for it, my TeleSeminar "From Diagnosis to Focus,"  will give you the five most effective strategies for helping kids (and adults) focus and vital information about ADHD diagnosis. Plus a lot more.

"From Diagnosis to Focus happens on Tuesday, July 2 at 7 pm eastern, 6 pm central, 5 pm mountain, and 4 pm pacific. 

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from Diagnosis to FocusYou'll want to be on this call if you have or work with

image001  Kids at home who can't finish homework

image001  Kids at home who can't finish chores

image001  Kids at school who never finish their work

image001  Kids at school can't remember the
instructions you just gave a minute ago

image001  Kids who aren't getting the grades they are
capable of


You'll want to be on the call if you're concerned about kids

image001  Whose test scores are lousy

image001  Who have trouble with reading

image001  Who daydream all the time

image001  Who are too hyperactive to pay attention

Although kids may have several ADHD behaviors and symptoms and no one child is like another child, lack of focus is a common denominator.  Some kids seem to be out there in a daydreamy fog while other kids are constantly moving around. Whether it's a quiet fog or noisy movement, all these children suffer from an inability to focus.

Here's what you'll discover on this information and solution-packed call:

F-Orange  The Five most important strategies for
helping kids focus

F-Orange  The Three reasons kids can't focus

F-Orange  The Seven most commonly-used
strategies that DO NOT work'

F-Orange   The Four things adults must do to help
their ADHD kids

F-Orange  The Two kinds of ADHD

F-Orange  Why the right diagnosis plays a big role in helping kids focus

F-Orange  How to get the right diagnosis

F-Orange  What parents and teachers should say to each other

F-Orange  What parents should say to pediatricians

And you'll receive a downloadable Action Guide right before the Teleseminar to help you remember and follow through.

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Results from Learning with MaryJo:

Occupational therapist boosts treatment:

"I am so happy with all the great info I have gotten from you and it has really revved up my treatment in the schools!!"  Trinell Bull, OTR/L, Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit, Susquehanna, PA

So effective that she's telling
the administration about the class:

"MaryJo, I've so enjoyed learning all this new information about ADHD. I'll be sharing this with the students I work with and the administrator of the school. Thank you." Opal Wong, Brain Gym consultant, East Lansing, MI

From 24 disruptive behaviors in 40 minutes
to just 6 in a morning with the program:

"One of my kindergartners had significant attention difficulties and comes from a family history of bipolar disease and ADHD. Before we started your program, he had as many as 24 disruptive behaviors in one 40-minute period.

After two days he was down to 12 disruptive behaviors. After 5 weeks, he had fewer than six disruptive behaviors the entire morning." Kelly Johnston, kindergarten teacher, Manitou Springs, CO

If you're concerned about your ADHD kids' inability to focus, this is a TeleSeminar you won't want to miss! Kids don't have to have ADHD or even all the ADHD-like symptoms to have trouble focusing. So if you have a child or work with children who focusing issues, you'll want to be on the call!

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P.S. This is the first of seven complimentary "ADHD Success" TeleSeminars. The series begins on July 2 and ends on October 3. Mark your calendar now for the entire series: July 2, July 18, August 1, August 21, September 5, September 19, and October 3. Look for more information in the next SmartKidsSmartParents Newsletter.