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Hairless, font viewThanks for getting all the wonderful ADHD Resources in my Freedom from Cancer special. You can access everything from this page.

If you're getting the ADHD Quick Coach Accountability Program, I will contact you with all the details.

I suggest you download everything on this page to your computer now. You can also put the audio class on your mp3 player.

Some links will take you to another page on this website. Some will open a pdf. when you put your mouse over the turquoise blue headers and click.

You'll need Adobe Reader for the PDF files such as Action Guides and ebooks.

If you don't have Adobe Reader on your computer (you probably do), you can get it free at

Then make a plan for what you're going to do first. Without a plan, it's overwhelming. You certainly can't go over all the material at once.

Go slowly, digest the material, take some notes as you move along. Try some of the strategies or activities you think would work with your kids. Don't wait until you've looked at every single activity, program, strategy, tip to implement a suggestion.

I'd probably start with the "ADHD: 63 Common Conditions that Can Cause ADHD-like Behavior" and checklist. And then the "Parent's Evaluation" which is a rating scale for you to evaluate your child's ADHD challenges. .

Bookmark this page so it's easy to come back to. And be sure to contact me if you have any trouble with your downloads. Please don't share this page with anyone else.

Just Send other parents and teachers to the "Freedom from Cancer Special" page for their own set of all the resources for helping kids improve focus and get the right diagnosis (But they'll need to hurry as this offer expires midnight, Monday, July 8, 2013)

Before you download your ADHD Resources, be sure to Sign up for your complimentary ADHD Transformation call No cost. Get specific ADHD questions about your child answered. Get suggestions for what to do.

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Your ADHD "From Diagnosis to Focus" Resources

ADHD Inventory and checklist: 63 Common Conditions that can cause ADHD-like Behavior

Parent Evaluation

Does Your Child Really have ADHD (report)

Fidget to Focus Tips

Zaltsman Exercises

Back to school without ADHD (2 hour audio class with Action Guides and the "Five Brain Games Shift.")









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