Dr. MaryJo WagnerDear Parents, Teachers, and Everyone who works with kids,

Does it seem like all the children you know including you own child can't focus and pay attention these days? 

So many children whether they've been diagnosed with ADHD or just have ADHD-like symptoms struggle with staying on track.

For some kids, just getting ready for school in the morning and being on time is a challenge.

For other kids, they can't pay attention in school. Can't finish their homework after school.

Whether they're hyperactive or zoning out, inattentiveness is an epidemic among our children from kindergarten right on through college.

Now I'm not suggesting that I have all the answers, but I do know know a lot about managing lack of focus.

I've struggled with ADHD myself--as a child years ago and as an adult. I know all too well how frustrating it can be. I had dreams that were never fulfilled because ADHD got in the way.bad report

Much to my disappointment, I struggled with school. It never made sense to me because I loved school and had a passion for learning. 

When I discovered ADHD and that I had it, I was an adult. I'd persevered year after year and ended up finally with a couple of Master's Degrees and a PhD but paid a big price!

I may not have gotten a D- in every class but plenty of them--Math, German, Sociology, even history--in which I eventually got an advanced degree.

I'd already taught at the elementary school level, taught at the university level, written published curricula, and edited books for Holt, Rhinehart and Winston.

But once I knew what ADHD was, I threw myself into learning about it. Attended classes, read books, scoured the internet, interviewed psychiatrists with a specialty in ADHD and much more.

I learned great strategies for managing my own ADHD and improving my ability to stay focused.

Began sharing this knowledge in workshops and online classes. Now I'm eager to pass that information along to you.

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Struggling at school, getting in trouble at home for not following direction, suffering bad grades is as frustrating for kids as it is for us. 

Kids want to do a good job and ADHD or a learning challenge often keeps them from doing their best.

So to help you help your kids improve their ability to focus and to struggle less with ADHD challenges, I've put together a package of solutions for you including:

1.  A Checklist

2.  A parent evaluation

3.  A bunch of really fun exercises (for the whole family) Using it in the classroom? Teachers, you'll want to play too!

4.  A set of tips for fidgeting (yes, I'm encouraging you to let kids fidget!)

5.  A report on why your child's ADHD diagnosis might be wrong.

6.  . . . and a two-hour audio class that comes with two action guides and a 22-page report with 5 brain-changing movements. 

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It's my Freedom Special. Maybe you're thinking 4th of July. And I do love the 4th and love the freedoms of my country.

But my special for you refers to my recent freedom from cancer and the effects of chemotherapy (o.k. so my hair hasn't completely grown back yet . . .) 

Many of you have followed my journey on FaceBook and in email. I've appreciated your loving thoughts and good wishes.

My thank you is this 75-percent-off  "Freedom from Cancer Special" of six resources to help your child focus and pay attention.

But wait. That's Not All!

I've got a great three-month online coaching program for parents and teachers with kids with ADHD. Called the "ADHD Quick Coach Program," it includes a weekly online conversation with me.

You set goals and I help you with goals and encourage accountability. Online means it doesn't matter where you live.

The program is flexible enough to fit your busy schedule and your time zone.

My Goal is to give you down-to-earth, effective tips, tools, and strategies to help your kids improve focus.

Strategies that are easy to use, often fun, and effective.

And to offer you 1-on-1 coaching to help with your child's specific ADHD challenges--if you act now!

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If you are one of the first six to get these easy and effective resources to help your kids focus, you'll also get my weekly, three-month ADHD Quick Coach Accountability Program.

It's online so completely flexible, no matter where you live or what your time zone.  

You set the goals with help from me.

We check in once a week. I make suggestions, answer questions, applaud you for keeping to your goals. A great way to help your kids with some one-on-one coaching.

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What they've said about Mary Jo's information and workshops:

“Thanks for the fabulous content.” Mary Rarick, Portland, OR

“Cheers, MJ. Very useful info.” Tony Serve, Perth, Australia

“Great article. Really important ADHD info. People need to be careful with ADHD meds. Douglas Cootey, UT

“Great Newsletter.” Holly Anthony, Mankato, MN

“TY for this article.” Melinda Means, FL

Occupational therapist boosts treatment:

I am so happy with all the great info I have gotten from you and it has really revved up my treatment in the schools!! Trinell Bull, Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit, Susquehanna, PA

So effective that she's telling the administration about the class:

MaryJo, I've so enjoyed learning all this new information about ADHD. I'll be sharing this with the students I work with and the administrator of the school. Thank you. Opal Wong, Brain Gym consultant, East Lansing, MI

From 24 disruptive behaviors in 40 minutes to just 6 in a morning with the program:

"One of my kindergartners had significant attention difficulties and comes from a family history of bipolar disease and ADHD. Before we started your program, he had as many as 24 disruptive behaviors in one 40-minute period.

After two days he was down to 12 disruptive behaviors. After 5 weeks, he had fewer than six disruptive behaviors the entire morning." Kelly Johnston, kindergarten teacher, Manitou Springs, CO

 This 75 percent-off package of resources to help you help your child improve focus

Expires midnight Monday, July 8.
It won't be offered again at this low price.

My Goal is to give you down-to-earth, effective tips, tools, and strategies to help your kids. Strategies that are easy to use, often fun, and effective. And to offer you 1-on-1 coaching to help with your child's specific ADHD challenges. 

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Brain Games Online Workshop for Smart ParentsOf course, you get my iron-clad guarantee! If you're not satisfied, for any reason whatsoever, with your resources to help your ADHD kids improve their ability to focus plus your bonus, your money will be refunded. No questions asked!