About Dr. MaryJo Wagner

Dr. MaryJo Wagner

Dr. MaryJo Wagner, a Smart Learning Specialist and ADHD expert, helps you help your kids manage ADHD and ADHD-like behavior.

She’s a dynamic, experienced teacher, trainer, coach, and author.

MaryJo has taught Smart Learning (aka brain-based learning) and Brain Gym® to parents, teachers, administrators, occupational therapists, and counselors, even rowdy teenagers in Guatemala.

All agreed that the many of the kids they work with have ADHD or ADHD-like behavior. MaryJo knows that Smart Learning based on the latest brain research works for these kids, for your kids. It’s easy, fun and effective.

Despite having had ADHD all her life, MaryJo forged ahead through a bachelor's degree in education, two Master's degrees, and one Ph.D. She knows from personal experience that your kids with ADHD can succeed.

Then she went on to earn a certification and license in Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym,), a certification and license in "The Resilient Educator: HeartMath® for Teachers," and coach certification. Along the way she studied NLP and had formal training in the principles of adult learning.

Starting her career teaching kindergarten in Alexandria, Virginia, she moved right through the school system, ending up as a college professor teaching doctoral students at Ohio State University.

MaryJo has written a state-wide curriculum for Oregon schools and edited elementary and high school textbooks for Holt, Rinehart and Winston.

She’s written dozens of articles and reports on Smart Learning and ADHD. And compiled checklists for use by teachers, counselors, and parents. Her six-CD set, “ADHD: Strategies for Success,” has been sold around the world.

To invite MaryJo to speak at your conference or event or to discuss personal coaching, call her at 303-484-8027 or send her an email.


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