Dr. MaryJo Wagner Says "No" and Looks Like a Flake!

By now, dear readers, you're well aware that I've been blessed with this thing they call ADHD. And oh, what a gift--I'm creative, have lots of brilliant ideas, am optimistic, funny, and pretty sharp.

Most ADHD kids and adults fit that description.

But thanks to an overload of brilliant ideas which is often accompanied by a complete lack of understanding of days, weeks and calendars, I sometimes go into overwhelm. I'm not alone.

Many ADHD kids and adults do the same thing.

So here's the story. Now I have a lot of stuff I'm doing to help you help your kids tame ADHD and ADHD-like behvior: Tuesday TeleTips, articles, my blog, a video series (that's launching in the next few days), this newsletter, finishing up some projects, and on and on.

But hey, why not add a radio show to the mix? And gee whiz, while I'm at it, how about a week-long TeleWebcast series with individual Action Guides?

Oh, no, I'm in overwhelm! First panic. Then the calm as I realized I had a solution--even if the solution might make some folks think I'm a flake.

I canceled! That's right. I just said "no!" No way can I add a radio show and a new 5-night TeleWebcast to my already packed schedule.

The solution I came up with is one you can do for yourself, one you can help your kids do. When it's too much, when overwhelm strikes, say "no."

In today's feature article in today's Smart Learning Newsletter, you'll find some practical suggestions for helping your kids stay out of overwhelm--even kids who don't have ADHD. Given the hectic schedules of most families, it's easy to go into overwhelm.

Be sure and leave a comment. How do you manage overwhelm at your house?

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