Smart Kids Need Help from Smart Parents

I don't know where you and your Smart Kids live, but here in Denver the schools have had their budgets cut.

I'm guessing your Smart Kids' school had its budget cut too. Maybe your Smart Kid's teacher was let go. It's happening all over the country.

In most cases, fewer teachers means more kids in a classroom. More kids means less attention for your child from the teacher. And less likely this teacher will have an aide. What does it mean for your Smart Kid? Will she fall behind? Will it affect his test scores?

All too often, the more children in a class, the less children learn. An article in yesterday's "New York Times" summarizes research that proves that kids increase test scores and get better grades when teaching is one on one. Not 40 on one.

It's the ancient Socratic method where the teacher asks questions and the student answers. The same model they use at Oxford and Cambridge. Our schools can't afford to teach your kids one-on-one--even without budget cuts.

But Smart Parents can teach Smart Kids one-on-one at home.

For example, when your child has to read a book and then write a book report, ask questions about the book. Tell me about the book? What did you like best? Who was your favorite character and why? What would you change in the book?

Have a conversation about the book. Read the book yourself and the conversation is more fun. Use this smart strategy instead of "proofreading" the final book report and telling your Smart Kid what's wrong!

Learn some Brain Games to make learning easier--one on one and in the classroom.

Of course, tutoring is always a great one-on-one option for your kids too. For individual academic areas, test preparation, and study skills, I recommend my friends Drs. Linda and Al Silbert of Strong Learning, Inc.

If you live in the New York City area, your child can see the Silberts in person in Mahopac. They also have tutors in several cities around the country. And they offer on-line tutoring. Give them a ring at 1-888-378-7664.

Please leave a comment. Tell us your favorite one-on-one teaching strategy you've used with your Smart Kid.

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