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How to Help Children Succeed in School? Where to Get Tips for Parenting?

We all want our kids to succeed, but parenting is tough these days. And how do you know what to do?


Dear Parents,

I know you're busy and at the same time, you want to be the very best parent you can be. So, with you in mind,  I developed the weekly 30-minute Tuesday TeleTips. No idle chit chat. No time wasted.  Just FREE tips you can use immediately to help your kids.

Sometimes a Smart Kids Brain Game™. Other times it's strategies for ADHD, suggestions for helping them get more exercise (which is a "must" for school success), or even what to do when they aren't learning.

Because you may have missed some or perhaps you're new to Tuesday TeleTips, I'm offering you the first six Tuesday TeleTips as podcasts with Action Guides to help you act on what you've discovered. It's called "Retrain the Brain Tips for School Success Series One." Listen at your computer. Or download to an mp3 player. Listen any time. Listen anywhere in the world.

Start helping your kids today.

Now you can get the "Retrain the Brain Tips for School Success Series One" for half off the regular price. That's three hours of school success strategies, from what to eat for the brain to how to raise test scores plus six Action Guides for just $97

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What's in the "Retrain The Brain Tips for School Success Series One?"

Smart Kids Smart Parents Listen"Three Smart Secrets for Toddlers, Teens and In-betweens"

Discover three things every kid and every parent needs to do every day.  Why and how  plus easy ways to get your kids to do them.  They'll boost brain power and school success. Take the parent inventory to find out how you score on these three essential daily routines. (Drinking  soda and eating chips while watching TV isn't one of them!) These three factors sometimes stop adhd behavior in its tracks.

Smart Kids Smart Parents Listen"Left Brain, Right Brain: Does It Matter?"

Kids need to use their whole brain, but lots of kids use more of the left side than the right side. Or more of the right side than the left side.  Many ADHD kids are right-brain dominant. Find out how to help kids use both sides of the brain. It's just one simple trick with lots of ways to do it.  You can take the fun quiz to find out whether you're left brain dominant or right brain dominant.  Your kids can take the quiz for children.

"What to do When Kids Don't Want to Learn"

Sometimes even the smartest kids aren't interested in learning. Discover why being smart isn't the most important factor when it comes to learning.  Includes seven ways to motivate your kids when learning doesn't interest them--and it's not about a bigger allowance.

Smart Kids Smart Parents Listen"Tests and Other Scary School Stuff"

Have you ever wondered why some kids study hard, know the material backwards and forwards, and then flub up on the test? It's all about how their brain is working on the day of the test. And the good news is that can be changed easily. Find out how to do "The Woodchopper" and "Hand Tapping" to relieve text anxiety. Both are simple to do and quick.  These two techniques work. They'll work for you too when you're anxious or worried.

Smart Kids Smart Parents Listen"Naperville Kids Raised Test Scores--Your Kids Can Too"

Just one activity that doesn't cost any money and doesn't require any special equipment helped kids at the Naperville, Illinois High School raise test scores and improve their grades. Now schools around the country are doing this. It's so easy you can do it at home--from toddlers to their grandparents.  And improve kids health at the same time . . . and yours too. Includes 20 variations of this activity so there's something on the list that will appeal to everyone.  This activity has helped some ADHD kids go off their medication entirely!

Smart Kids Smart Parents Listen"All about Dopamine"

Dopamine is an essential neurotransmitter in the brain. Without enough of it, kids can exhibit adhd behaviors, do poorly in school, suffer from depression, and act tired even when they've had enough sleep. Discover seven ways to increase dopamine without drugs.


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School's about to start and the best time to begin making important changes to guarantee more success in school for your child is now during summer vacation. Don't wait until the hustle and bustle of fall activities takes over.

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