Back to School without ADHD

Worried that ADHD or ADHD-like behavior will get in the way of good grades and high test scores, not to mention completed homework, when your kids go back to school?

ADHD always got in the way of school success for me. I loved school and had the very best intentions but my brain just wouldn't cooperate.  Back then nobody had even heard the words "attention deficit disorder," much less had resources to provide for those of us who couldn't sit still, couldn't concentrate.

If you had ADHD when I was growing up, you just struggled, got in trouble at school a lot, and listened to your parents and teachers tell you that you weren't living up to your potential.

Now the challenge is ADHD Resourceshow to choose the appropriate ADHD resource for your child from among the dozens of programs and activities that are available.

Neurofeedback? Maybe a video game designed for ADHD? Behavioral therapy? Or how about one of those programs that helps with auditory processing like Tomatis or Samonas?  Of course the question about stimulant drugs always comes up.

And what about changes at home? Which strategies are the most effective?  What should parents be doing to help their kids who, even if they don't have ADHD, certainly have all the symptoms?

To help you make these decisions about managing ADHD, I'd done the research for you. I've scoured the web, I've read the books and the articles, I've talked to teachers, I've interviewed research psychiatrists who specialize in ADHD. In short, I've become an ADHD expert. It's my passion! No child should have to suffer the way I suffered as a kid.

And for the first time, I've put together a TeleWebcast just for parents. It's 4 sessions designed so you help your kids now before school starts. Help them get a head start. Give them the skills to manage ADHD. There's even a module on getting organized for school. And includes Brain Games plus 7 videos.  The activities are fun, easy, and effective.

Check it out now. Enrollment is limited so you'll want to jump on it right away.

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MaryJo Wagner, PhD, helps you help your kids transform ADHD behavior for success. Sign up at Coaching & Accountability to get your questions answered with a complimentary Transformation Session.

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