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Smart Kids Procrastinating not Doing Homework driving you crazy? Can't figure out why your Smart Kids aren't getting better grades? Wish your Smart Kids would start living up to their Smart Potential?

Smart Kids Smart Parents Mini-Guides will help you solve the problem. It's called Smart Learning.

The Smart Kids Smart Parents Mini-Guides help parents raise smart kids. The Mini-Guides have activities, Brain Gym exercises, tips, resources, checklists, action guides, quizzes and more.

The first Smart Parents Smart Kids mini-Guide. "Why Smart Kids Don't Learn and Other Mysteries" is all about learning, moving from left brain or right brain to whole brain, and reading.

In "Why Smart Kids Don't Learn and Other Mysteries, you'll discover

  • The most powerful secret to learning for kids (and adults too)
  • 25 easy ways to boost brain power
  • 4 ways to improve reading, math and everything else
  • 7 quick tips to encourage reading

and lots more

Each topic has a Parent Action Guide. The mini-Guide has Brain Gym exercises, activities for kids (the whole family can do them), and a homework checklist.

Plus two fun quizzes to download:

First a quiz for Kids. They get to discover whether they're right-brain or left-brain. And then a quiz for Mom and Dad. Find out if Mom is left-brain or right-brain. And what about Dad?

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You'll download your mini-Guide, "Why Smart Kids don't Learn" immediately. Start using Your Parent Action Guides. Then download your two bonus quizzes.

Discover which is better: left-brain or right brain. And how to change your kid's brain. Get smart homework strategies and how to choose smart books.

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