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Is It ADHD or Something Else? 43 things that look like ADHD

2.4 million kids have trouble paying attention and get into trouble by acting impulsively. We call these kids ADHD, and we hand out 2 million prescriptions a month for ADHD stimulant drugs to them--including to kids who really don't have ADHD at all. They have "symptoms" that look like ADHD. Find out what mimics ADHD. Download ADHD Inventory

Wondering how to choose Smart Toys for your Smart Kids? How to direct their attention away from the hottest toys in TV ads?

Kids need to play. Their emotional, physical, and academic success depends on it. And playing often--although not always by a long shot--requires toys. So how do you choose? Discover some Do's and Don'ts in the "Smart Kids Toy Buying Guide: 25 Tips to Help Smart Parents Choose Smart Toys" After you've finished, you'll want to click on the Smart Toys tab here on this site and investigate toys.

Discover if You're Right Brain or Left-brain? What about Your Kids?

Well, the truth is nobody is just left brain or just right brain. You aren't. Your kids aren't. But most people do have a brain dominance--more left brain most of the time or more right brain most of the time. If you'd like to know how your brain functions, take this fun right brain left brain quiz for Moms and Dads. Now let your kids take the kids' version of the right brain left brain quiz.

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