Smart Toys

Smart Toys and Games are one of the best ways to raise Smart Kids. And they need to do as many of the following as interests them:

  • encourage creativity (crayons, paper, scissors, & tape)
  • encourage make-believe and imagination (dress up clothes, puppet shows)
  • involve crossing the center mid-line of the body (skipping, double-dutch jump rope, hokey-pokey)
  • require large motor activity (climbing)
  • require small motor activity (paper dolls)
  • involve moving back and forth (swinging)
  • involve making music (musical instruments, singing)
  • engage the senses (cooking: touch, smell, sight, taste, listening as in boiling, bubbling, sizzling)
  • involve jumping, hopping, skipping, and running (hide and seek, hopscotch)
  • require figuring things out (puzzles)
  • make everybody laugh (Knock-knock jokes)
  • require putting things together and taking them apart (Legos)
  • require talking and conversation (dolls and stuffed animals, puppet shows)

Smart Toys encourage Smart Learning. And many common, inexpensive toys are educational toys if played with interactively, creatively, and with physical movement.


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